Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I will be resuming the responsibility of this blog as of now.

Ther will be a change in that I will be posting a lot more opinions of other than the worthless, hopeless entity known as the shitty of Eugene

I have been away due to a number of reasons that frankly don’t mean a thing to anyone but me.

Keep checking in because I will be back with pointed tongue fully in tact. Sorry to drop the rhetoric without explanation, but stuff happens and may again. But the plan is to keep this wounded horse alive.



Saturday, February 18, 2006

RG REsponse Fee Editorial

Kudos to the Register Guard for it’s editorial on the charging of fees to Springfield residents for emergency fire department response.

They hit the nail on the head when they mention the caution the Springfield City council should use in approaching this issue. Residents have agreed to fund building the jail, to man fire station three and they have stood behind the council (for the most part) concerning Peace Health. I think that raising response fees or instituting new ones may be pushing residents just a bit too far. It feels like we are being punished for our support, the way they do it in Eugene!

Though I can’t stand the thought of admitting it, I think the RG’s editor, is speaking for Springfield residents this time.

Kitty Hosts Liberal Orgy...

Well, Miss Kitty and her entourage tainted the halls of L.C.C. Friday in another liberal orgy.  The pivot man was none other than Michael Moore’s shadow, Al Franken, and special guest towel boy Peter Defazio.

According to the Red Rag, it was a who’s who of Eugene’s progressive community.  Only in Eugene would a political talk show end with a special massage moment!  I’ll bet Don St.Clair will never wash his hands again, after laying them on the flesh of the liberal deity!  

Franken asked Kitty whether she’d accidentally shot anyone, her response should have been “No I meant to shoot down all those businesses!”  Of course the head puss touted Eugene as being oh so concerned with “sustainable development” instead.  Yeah, right Kitty.

I’d like to see the Rag’s story if the likes of Ann Coulter, Mary Matlin, Newt, Liddy or any other prominent conservative came to town.  Hell if Rush did a show here, the whole damn U of Zero would show up to protest.

I have to quit now before the smell of liberal love-festing overcomes my gag reflex!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Leiken will not run for county commissioner

I just received an email from Mayor Leiken of Springfield stating that he will not be running for the County Commissioner seat currently held by Roy Dwyer.

He is an except from that email:

I am not going to run for commissioner afterall.  I heard from too many folks, including yourself, that the commissioner's position is a position that is step down and not up for me.  Right now the Springfield Mayor's position is the most high profile elected position in Lane County.  Maybe one day Bob Avery will realize that too.”
I can’t stress enough how I believe that this is the best possible decision Sid could have made.  

Mayor Leiken has been instrumental in creating an atmosphere that is pro business in Springfield.  As Lane County and the city of Eugene continue to battle business using red tape, multiple permits and idiotic building requirements (just to name a few), Springfield has laid out the business welcome mat.  

Thanks in large part to Mayor Leiken, the citizens of Springfield have greater trust and confidence in our local government.  

We now have the major medical facility south of Portland in Springfield.

With voter support we are building a jail to do the tough job that Lane County can’t seem to handle.    

The long neglected area of Glenwood is now under our jurisdiction.  And Glenwood will flourish.  Changes are already taking place in Glenwood, and Mayor Leiken is enthusiastically attempting to draw new business to the Glenwood area.

Mayor Leiken has refused to just accept what Eugene says as gospel.  He does not accept that Springfield is just the red headed stepchild of Eugene and Lane County.  I truly believe that as Mayor Leiken says, at this time, the position of Mayor of Springfield is the most important positions in Lane County.  He has been instrumental in changing Springfield’s reputation from that of ‘backward’ to ‘forward’!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Breached Borders

I know I’m not the only one in this country concerned with our border policy right now.  Everyone is talking about Illegal aliens and what they cost the citizens of this country.  Now I am hearing from CNN of all places that our borders are being breached by Mexican army regulars, on a ‘regular’ basis.

This pushes me beyond incensed.  Why, for shit’s sake are we not stopping this?  With bullets!  Is it not bad enough that the normal illegals and the druggie illegals are making a mockery of the Border Patrol?  Now we allow a foreign army, whom we have defeated and been defeated by, just wander as they please back and forth across our border.  Where are the apache helicopters?  How bout some special forces, a Bradley Fighting vehicle, an A-10 Warthog?  This situation makes a mockery of our sovereignty, as well as our military.  

The citizens of this country take greater pains to protect their houses and homes than our government is taking to protect this country’s borders.  And with good cause, so much of the crime in our cities is directly related to the flow of the drug illegals crossing our borders.  As good citizens must, if need be, FORCE our government to protect our borders.  

150,000 illegals, in Oregon alone.  If we can come up with that figure, we can track them down and deport them.  And if Mr. Milk toast McCain would still like to know how to remove all those illegal aliens, I have an idea for him.  ONE BUS AT A TIME!!!!!!!!  He can use some of the money we save in services the illegals steal, to pay their bus fare to Tijuana.  Just the money saved from bunk driver licenses would pay for one or two!

Write to worthless Wyden, and silent Smith (DeFazio is a lost cause).  Write to the RNC, even George W., just make your voice heard!  We must secure our borders, period.

Lars and the the candidates three!

After hearing the exchange on the Lars Larson show today, and reading the hot blogs, I’ve decided to throw in my two cents worth!

The final result of today’s exchange for me was the confirmation that all three of our republican candidates, have serious issues.

Issues that may well lead to the voting public to deciding that Sleepy Ted's re-election is the lesser of two evils.    

I think Jason chose the stance that's not necessarily wrong, but it opposed Lars's.  As stated by Gullyborg and Coyote comments in their blogs, if Lars smells blood on the water, he goes into a feeding frenzy.   I think that's one of his faults.  He goes at everything like he's killing snakes.  In other words, he needs to think sometimes before he starts shooting!

As for Kevin Mannix, I met him a few years ago, and was impressed with him in our one on one conversation.  But as for his public side, he comes across as a career politician, negative toward his opposition (fellow republicans), arrogant and a bit condescending. I don’t support that kind of politicking.

It all boils down to this for me;

Jason’s was an unfortunate incident, it was on the air live, and no one who heard it will forget it.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Springfield Jail Plans Released

Springfield Jail Plans Released

Springfield’s Citizen Advisory Committee released four sets of plans for the new Springfield Jail.   I caught a brief story on one of the local T.V. stations yesterday about it.  But today I came home from my weekly business trip, and tried to find more information on the story.  I was going to do a report on the planning in this blog.

So far I have searched the local TV web site, the red rag’s website and the Springfield news website.   On none of these, have I yet to find a story on it.  I don’t pay for the red rag, and after reading the Springfield News editorial on Sam Alito, I may stop buying that too!  

I wanted to, and still will encourage all Springfield residents to support the hard work of the Citizen Advisory Committee, by looking seriously at their recommendations.  We need to fund this jail, we have shown our support for the building, now let’s staff it, and fund its operation.

This will cost us all a few bucks a year, and I hate the idea of more taxation, but this is of paramount importance to Springfield’s future.  We are investing in a better, safer more self sufficient Springfield.  One that is not dependant on Berkeley North, or Lane County. One that works in cooperation with them for Springfield’s benefit.  

The proposals incorporate new quarters for SPD and Springfield Fire and Life Safety.  I believe this is a good use of the available space, and we all know that they both need improved quarters.  And if you don’t think they need improved offices, just go to the SPD office sometime.  It’s a joke.  Maybe it worked 35 years ago, but its crap by today’s standards.  

In other words, I will look at each proposal thoroughly, and vote yes on one of them.  I encourage all the residents of Springfield to do the same!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Supreme Court Upholds Oregon Law

Finally a win for the voters of Oregon, the supreme court has upheld physician assisted suicide. Stating that state law trumps federal ability to punish doctors who prescribe the letal dose of drugs. This according to a news report on MSNBC moments ago.

It's about damn time the voters of Oregon recieved a little support. I have to admit, I had a bad feeling about this one going in, kudos to the high court. For now!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Under The Weather...

Pardon my lack of verbal assault lately on the freak show across the river, I've been blessed with this lovely cold/flu/infection thing that is going around. My other excuse is even better, WORK! Business has been good these days, take that liberals!!!

If I had been less time stressed by work, and less illness plagued, I would have commented on the 'Altered State' of the city address by Mess Kitty, the lovely weather that we all are literally under or the B-S speeches by Eugene's "Progressives". Which by the way, bother me because they take on issues that should really be county issues. That is if Eugene's progressives respected the opinions of anyone outside the city limits. The 2050 plan, and the "West Lane Parkway" as I prefer to call it, for just two examples.

Enough of this I have to blow my nose and take more asprin... THIS COLD SUCKS!